Just received the following email and below is my response

Hi Jackie,
I have the following key questions for you to assist me with my vote consideration if you wouldn’t mind.

Campaign Funding - Are you able to tell me where you funding has come from specifically groups.

Youth Justice - What is your position for systems/programs for the reduction of youth crime and it’s prevention.

LGBTI community- is there anything in your community works that has consideration for this group.

Indigenous - Where do you stand with increasing awareness and inclusiveness with our local indigenous.

Hello Wendy,

Campaign Funding - Primarily, I am an independent, self-funded local candidate. I have received one donation of $700.00 to date from a friend and colleague.

Youth Justice - I would suggest this a far more significant problem than a short reply to an email response but, ultimately, as you suggest, prevention is the key factor to the growing concerns of youth crime. Identifying problematic areas including schools, parks and clubs where a concerted effort through the Local Police Beat, Community groups, Sport association and the YMCA where they are possibly able to reach out to the individuals would be beneficial. Additionally showing awareness of the consequences of taking a wrong turn in life through education and what can be expected in life choices after making wrong decisions.

LGBTI community - I hesitate to place a label such as "group" to the LGBTI community. Ultimately we should be looking for inclusiveness for all walks of life irrespective of sexual preference, race, colour or religious background. Whilst I appreciate the needs for community based support groups at present the long term outlook should be where we no longer need these groups because everyone is accepted and prejudice is removed.

Indigenous - It’s a reality that the Indigenous is now seen as minority group within Logan. With Logan now a very multicultural society its important for all to understand the origins of Australia. Its also important to understand that after speaking with some of the local Indigenous community that not all of them want to be seen as a minority and purely as Australian whilst still maintaining their heritage.

As a prospective councillor I am open to receiving all questions and feedback so as best to represent the constituency of not only Division 1 but the whole of Logan.

I hope you can appreciate that you have touched on some very real, sensitive and current topics and I hope I have not appeared to answer you lightly and skip over subjects that require a lot more discussion.
Would you like to meet with me to discuss this further with you, thank you.