Below goes into more detail

of what I do and what my why is,

for involvement in the community.



Logan Chamber of Commerce, I have been a committee member for over 2 years. We meet up fortnightly to plan our yearly calendar, guest speaker, create networking opportunities for local businesses. Discuss problems that are developing in local business and seek ways to resolve them.


Logan is such a large city we have 3 chambers, Logan Chambers of Commerce, Beenleigh and Yatala Chamber of Commerce and Logan Country Chamber of Commerce. We wonderfully collaborate and share our events together.

For the last 2 years, I have been the business expo coordinator and responsible for running and organising our Logan Business Expo called LEXPO held every year in November for Logan Businesses.

I meet with local council to discuss funding and applications for these events and have a great understanding of how council funding works, when properly utilised for community groups.

Local businesses are very important and that's why an expo is held.

I also attend monthly meetings with Logan City Council and discuss problems local Logan businesses are having, commercial waste and why we have so much red tape and holds up. Planning application issues, waste trade bins and also issues of using council venues at the high costs that are charged.

I created our first book Business 2 Business book with 2 chapters I have written and 12 other chapters by our local businesses. All proceeds go back to the Logan Chamber of Commerce. I was not paid for formatting the book or for any other work, book design cover and layout. This is the third book that I have produced, the first two are cake decorating and baking books associated with my cooking school in Daisy Hill.

All of our Logan Chamber of Commerce revenue goes back into the chambers, we support local charities and support our junior chamber of commerce, currently run from Shailer Park high school.

When I get elected I will still remain a committee member, as already discussed with the committee. However, I would not attend the chambers -council meetings as that would be a conflict of interest.

But connections with our local Logan Businesses is paramount as a councillor and the Logan Chambers gives me an opportunity to also see the whole of Logan Businesses, not only in Division one. We also meet as a committee outside of working business hours.


Junior Chamber Of commerce

We are now working with 2 schools to create a junior chamber, they will be mentored and assisted along the way, but independently set up their meetings and start to grow in their schools. This is something our committee synergy, to get all of Logan High Schools involved in too.

We attend and support mock interviews for year 12 students.


We now have in place a bursary grant to Gritths University for a fixed amount of money, form Logan Chamber of Commerce.

Logan Chamber of Commerce Business 2 Business
church groups div 1 jackie Thompson

Church groups and community groups.

I offer free sessions with any Logan local community or church group that need some help with planning for an event, ways to increase their numbers. I give a 2-3 hour slot and that's when the magic will happen.

Like all groups, growth is needed to sustain. I like to take a whiteboard in with me and draw their vision.

I listen to what they want, what they need and then we draw and work how to get it in motion. Often many lightbulbs go off as they then see the other areas that can be enhanced or what was forgotten along the way.

The Why

I do this because I can and love to help them get back on track or help realise their potential and future possibilities. I also believe in community involvement is key to have a stronger supporting community.

As humans, we all need good interaction with each other and that is achieved from many community groups.

Unlike many of the trolls on Facebook and other media groups ! that I have encountered during this campaign!


Logan City Council Tourism Group

The Logan City Council have a tourism group. Who meet every 3 months, centred around Logan tourism.
We have Q&A afterwards and I offer suggestions on how to make improvements. Logan should be a major tourism destination for visitors from Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

We have to create many reasons for people to stop here in Logan and promote it outside of Logan.

We need visitors to visit and spend money at our attractions when they arrive in Brisbane and the Gold Coast too.


What a wonderful group of people we have in the group Born To Fly previously they were part of YFS 

I welcome this group every time they visit, over the last 4 years. When they walk into my cake studio we know there will be plenty of laughter and fun as we explore cupcakes and cookie decorating.

My inner batteries get charged every time they visit.

I have never charged this wonderful group and I love when they all come for a learning experience.

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Logan Summit 2018
Having a genuine concern for Logan I attended the Logan council summits in 2018 and listened to their proposals. I spoke up about additional improvements the council should provide and questioned charges they charge to residents. Questioned their spending and expenses for specific events, and what were the outcome/ benefit for our residents?
Questioned why we do not have any tourism info in our large shopping centres?
Suggested the digital screens that have the info of shops and floor plan should have another page on the screen, showcasing the wonderful tourism places we have here in Logan. So when visitors of the shopping centres know what Logan has available, to encourage them for a revisit to this places.
It was only 3 years ago Daisy Hill Conservation Park actually had a sign from the motorway of its existence?
They are not doing their job by not implementing this to showcase Logan's great tourism and facilities.
The local council magazine was discussed and I asked why it could not be distributed to our local Logan Libraries for it to be collected from there?  I know many of the residents say it is a waste of resources.
I held the floor with almost 20 minutes of questions, most of which were unable to be answered and they would get back to me with the answers.
Many of the questions remain unanswered still.

Logan Library hands-on classes and free demonstrations for cake decorating. For the last 12 years, I have supported our local Logan community libraries.

Every year I run Christmas free make and take classes at Logan Hyperdome library with one session for primary aged children and a high school session. Occasionally I squeeze another session during the school holidays depending on my travel and teaching invites I get overseas.

Every attendee has to bring 4 cupcakes and I provide all the frosting and fondant and cake tools. We have a fun time and now I start to see families that are now teenagers!

I also raise awareness at least once a year about the QCDA cake association and cake expo too with a demonstration of how to decorate a cake. I also promote my business too. Demonstrations usually fill out quick and can have almost 100 attend, as who does not like cake?

The Why 

I love sharing the sweetness. I think it gives an opportunity for families that may not afford my classes at my cake studio an opportunity to have some fun and bring them together. I also believe our kids need more hands-on creativity than electronic devices. I have never been paid for any of these sessions.

67905544_3406818432668956_5872680462253555712_n (1)

Ices are the International Cake Exploration Society

It is an international group worldwide that meet and teach and have days of sharing with other cake decorators and bakers. I have been a member for almost 10 years.

I attended the Cincinnati Ohio USA Show 2 years ago to teach cake decorating and promote my books.

When I arrived at the venue, the president asked if I could attend the yearly meeting for all of the countries ambassadors and reps, that meet a few days prior to the show.  Having met the president of Ices a few years before, she knew I would be able to motivate them. That is a skill I naturally seem to have, motivate and to uplift individuals and groups.

I was asked to listen to what they were all saying and then to contribute should I feel the need to. After a few hours as each country had things to report about their groups, there was a little doom and gloom about declining numbers, enrollments were low etc. I realised why Suzy the president had asked me to join the meeting. I stood up and spoke clearly for 10 minutes about the WHY they were there and reminded them about their WHY.

I spoke about ways of growing our cake community, touchpoints of connecting our skills and love of cakes with one another and I felt the attendees in that room started to awaken and realise their potential. After that day I spoke with smaller groups, more specific concerns for growth. Now I do live Facebook sessions with them. How to market themselves, how to be profitable in their meetings and how to increase memberships.

Ices are now growing, gaining more members and I think they now know their WHY.

Once you know your WHY it is very powerful.

Supporter for 10 years donating cakes demonstrated from every cake class.

Ronald McDonald House

Every cake I demonstrate in a class gets delivered the next day for the children and families that stay there. I have also made the below house made from cake for the yearly ball fundraiser.

The why 

I understand the difficult time they are going through. My husband and I went through the same when our son was a baby.


MT Gravatt Gardening Club

For the last 5 years, I have been a kitchen convenor/ assistant volunteer at the garden club.

My neighbours invited me, (I think they had to step in as I was growing beautiful weeds in the garden, which I thought were flowers ) to a meeting and that was it I was hooked. I volunteered in the kitchen where they could make good use of me and I help serve the tea and coffee just before our meeting and guest speaker.

We have over 100 + members and my neighbours have belonged forever! We meet once a month and I try to get to every meeting and work extra that day to make up for those lost few hours. We also go out on trips once a month and visit local places of gardening interest and I have to say they are such lovely days out, learning about the tales of their younger lives and what they have done.

Once a year we have our open day and I help with the catering with others for the lunch, which as you can imagine is a huge banquet of food. We have around 150 attendees.

My why? is I love it, makes me feel I am at a family gathering with all different ages. Taught me patience in growing plants and the importance of preparation is everything.

I also love the comradery that I have with the members too. It also reminds me to take time to smell the roses, as age does not get away from us.


Qld Cake Decorators Association.

Member and event organiser for 2019 cake show held at Logan Entertainment Centre.

I reached out to all 21 Logan High Schools to enter the first time ever baking competitions from Logan. We had 16 entries which were wonderful and secured some lovely sponsorship of gifts from Ikea with baking sets which were great.

My business sponsored the cash prizes and I loved seeing the engagement of those that entered and attended the behind the cake expo scenes on the friday.


QCDA Cake Decorators Association Cake Expo Logan Entertainment Centre

2019 I was the expo coordinator for our cake expo held in August.

We are a not for profit group with 21 branches across Queensland. We hosted international and local cake decorators, stallholders and competitions and daily demonstrations.

It was great to involve a baking category to this year's event and some of our local Logan Schools this year entered the baking competitions. The event was held over three days, and I managed to get us featured on channel nine news too. Lots of hard work from a tiny committee, but it was great to see it all come together.

My husband spent many hours building the displays and cake bar at no cost to our association ( now I have to bake his favourite cakes more frequent!)

I have also built QCDA 2 new websites and looked after the bookings online and helped with their digital marketing too.

The two websites I charged for but the media support I did was all free.



Slacks Creek Primary School, Springwood State High and Shailer Park High.

Since emigrating from the UK in 2O04 to Logan. My husband and I have joined our son's local schools PTA and donated our time to help rebuild garden and play areas for the students.

My baking skills have been freely shared across all 3 local schools my son attended. Slacks Creek Primary School, Springwood State High and Shailer Park High. Graduation cakes and fundraising cakes too.

I built a quick reputation at Slacks Creek Primary School as the mum who baked the graduation cake so big we could not get it out of our house door! and had problems at St Marks Anglican Church hall too!

When I meet you you can ask me all about it!

My son is now a primary school teacher and has done his prac work at Chatswood Hill School and now teaches in Bundaberg.